Baby Girl Rag Patchwork Quilt Pattern

Baby Girl Rag Patchwork Quilt Pattern

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This downloadable baby quilt pattern includes detailed, step by step, instructions and color illustrations on how to make this quilt from beginning to end. Upon purchase, pattern will be emailed to you as a pdf attachment.

This Baby Girl Rag Quilt is quick and easy to make as it is all done on the sewing machine, no hand quilting required! Each block is frayed on the edges to give it the "rag quilt" effect.

This quilt pattern:

Can be put together in 1 to 2 days, depending on your experience
Finished size is approximately 40" x 40"

See below for details

Step 1 - Covers items you will need:

Fabric - pattern tells exactly how much of each fabric you will need
Quilt batting
All purpose thread
Sewing machine

Step 2 - Cutting out the blocks

Step 3 - Sew the rectangles and squares together with quilt batting

Step 4 - Sew blocks together

This step also has diagrams to illustrate each step. It's like having somebody "hold your hand" through the whole thing.

Step 5 - Trim & Snip Seams

All throughout this pattern are little tips to tell you the best way to do things to make everything work out just right!

-With a little imagination you can select different colors or prints for your own custom design

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