Blue Elsa Framed Frozen Fabric BTY

Blue Elsa Framed Frozen Fabric BTY

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This Frozen fabric has Elsa in frames on a light blue background with words and snowflakes.

The words say:

"The perfect heir to the throne, Elsa is a natural leader and loved by her Kingdom.  Regal and graceful, Elsa is everything a queen should be.  But Elsa harbors a dark secret - she has the power to control ice and snow."

And Also:

"Elsa wants to protect Anna and others so she keeps her powers a secret.  Since her powers are connected to her emotions, she seems cold, and detached.  She avoids Anna which prohibits her from having any type of connection with her sister."

- 100% cotton
- 44-45" wide
- Sold by the yard

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